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So who is Lola?  She is an adorable puppy that traveled home from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in my arms. She was filthy and scared literally to the point of shaking.  After a good clean-up and lots of love, Lola soon got accustomed to her new home.  Before long, Lola was in need of some booties to protect her paws from the scorching desert heat and thereupon I stumbled upon a skill I did not even realize I possessed.

What started with four booties turned into a scarf and then into a shawl and the list goes on.  Before I knew it, I was spending all of my spare time crocheting.  While I could only give away so many gifts the burning desire to crochet some more kept growing.  I not only find crocheting to be refreshing and relaxing but most importantly working with such a variety of colors and yarns lifts my spirits and gives me something to look forward to each day.  I take immense pride in each and every finished product and wherever possible try to give it a personal touch.   Since each item is handmade especially for you, I will only be making limited quantities.   I also would like to give credit to the very talented and hardworking crochet designers and yarn companies for their patterns which continue to motivate me.

If crocheted items are your thing, I would be honored to have you as a customer and I hope you will enjoy the product that I have crocheted for you from the bottom of my heart as much as I have enjoyed making it for you.  In the very least, I hope I have inspired you to follow your passion and do something you love.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site.  Should you have any questions, please visit the FAQs section or do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

About Our Collection
Made especially for you

At Lola’s Inspiration we specialize in hand crocheted shawls, scarves, wraps, tops, shrugs and even adorable baby dresses and crocheted stuffed animals that go right to the heart.  If you are looking for an unusual and unique gift then Lola’s Inspiration is the store for you.  Crochet from the heart is what we are all about.  We are passionate about what we do and love making beautiful items for our customers to enjoy.  All items are made to order, and since each item is done by hand especially for you, quantities are limited so be sure to order soon.  Our evening wear is delicately embellished with sequins and beads to make you feel extra special and elegant on your night out.

For certain items, we will be happy to customize to colors of your choice – just ask and we will do our best to please you.  We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us.

Please feel free to contact us.